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Monday, November 09, 2009 @ 4:58 PM
My top 5 treat list.
My birthday is coming soon liao.
what? you forgot when is my bufday? nevermind.
now I remind you, my bufday is on December 18th.
IF I got money, sure I will treat my self these! *dreaming

1. A trip to Tokyo

Yes! I want go Tokyo so badly you know!?
I have no money now even couldn't afford to buy a flight ticket T______T
why I want go there so badly ah? because can shopping loh!
I loveeeeeeeeeeee Japanese products and fashion! *wooooooo excited

*continue dreaming


I'm a big fans of Chanel !*bling eyes
Seriously their stuffs are so fabulous, gorgeous, stylish, yeng, pretty, beautiful etc etc
wah how good if I can wear their outfits, got one piece already enough!

Chanel Coco Cocoon!
*ok I admit that I am too materialistic, but who doesn't?! haha

3. Norway

One of the best country in the world.
my dream country, if couldn't immigrants to Norway, I wish I could travel to Norway at least once in my entire life with my husband ^^

4. More O.P.I Nail colors

Ya know I love manicure ALOT.
O.P.I is very expensive honestly .__.
like RM50 each?
LOL but its reaaaaaaally good quality.
nice nice <3

5. Dell Inspiron 13

Currently I'm using Compaq laptop. its 1 year old liao.
I need a new laptop that has a nice outlook and a small size!
which Dell Inspiron 13 does!
It's design is so stylish & got PINK of cos!
their function is quite good too which is good for home usage like me ^^

now YOU have the chance too be a proud owner of Dell Inspiron 13 like me!


1 .Write a blog post titled ‘My Top 5 Treat List’ and share with us what you’d like to treat yourself, be it a shopping extravaganza at Milan, a holiday in Hawaii, a brand new car and etc.

2. Share with us why the Dell Inspiron 13 should belong in your Top 5 Treat List.

3. Send in an email to along with your name, email address and a permalink of the blog post. If we think your blog entry ranks among the three most creative, you’ll be the proud owner of an Inspiron 13 very soon!



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