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Saturday, December 26, 2009 @ 5:22 PM
instant cam.
I want a instant cam/cheki cam/Polaroid cam whatever you call it so badly.
it is not expensive actually, RM250 you can get one already.
Carrie is getting it! bring to college when you got it! I want play!

although the cam is not expensive, but its film is muchhhhhh expensive.
mom is not allow me to get one because she thought it is useless for me.

Fujifilm instax mini, comes with white, pink and blue!

polaroid is so naissss
I love the feel of polaroid! so old school!
and you will get your lovely picture in a minute!
dont you love it?
the worst thing is you cannot retake or delete if you took a lousy pic.Photobucket

It even comes with Hello Kitty edition!
wtf wtf cuteeeeeeePhotobucket

As I mentioned above, the film is damn exp,
20 pieces RM89.
RM89!!! I can buy a MNG sling bag/add RM10 I can buy Aquajuju!!
which means you took one film will cost you RM4.
wah mad expensive.

anyway, I got a very old school instant cam, Fuji instax 100 from my aunt.
the size is huge and it is superb heavy lol but I still mad liking it!
the picture will comes out from top but not bottom like normal instant cam!
It is still functioning just I not yet buy the film.
who's willing buy for me? i is pleasing you.




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