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Friday, December 04, 2009 @ 12:21 PM
special nail brush.
(give me some blogging materials or ideas so I can continue blog non-stop!!)

this nail color I bought quite a long time.
Winmax nail color from DAISO!
(FYI Daiso had launched their new store in SG wang! no need go so far liao)

how special is this nail color?
not the color special but its brush.

Winmax products quite ok one after I googled.

neh its brush is like this one.
I dont know its designed is special for French nails until I opened it = =
I thought its broke or spoil or what you know!wtf
damn gen jeong after saw it and keep blaming my self why picked this and not others behind!
after I calm down and looking at the logo, I just REALIZED OH! yun loi hei gem geh.
*double wtf

damn cute and portable to use on nails when you wanna draw french nails like this :

love French nails lor.

ermmmm nothing much can write.
if you feeling bored just look back my old post la.
and dont forget to click my Nuffnang ads.


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