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Sunday, December 27, 2009 @ 5:25 PM
got few overdue posts; outing with friends at Midvalley, my bufday celebration with friends and Christmas BBQ party. wanna blog them as soon as possible, better before new year. unfortunately, those photos are not with me.

just wait ok, I will try my best to collect all the pictures.

since I have nothing to blog about, I'm gonna share with you some goodies I got during this Christmas season.

This one is the first Xmas thiggy I bought this year.
Santa Claus box with candle.

actually I bought it is for gift to other people, but ended up I kept it for myself.
It is too cute, I am not willing to give it to others lol

Button Choco Biscuit. This is actually for you Sora!
but you din come to college last week, so I couldn't give you!

Cutie Santa bag, berry cute, couldn't resist to not buy it.
got it from Memory Lane.

finally got it from Cellnique! a sample of blackheads sebum gel.
which I registered through their website few month ago.
gonna use it continuously to see it's effect.
hate blackheads!!!
any recommends of blackheads products?

fake eyelashes!!! bought them from Sinma, whole shop is having 50% discount.
means 2 pairs of it only cost me RM10.
super nice ok.
I don't like to use those plastic falsies, instead I like to use those natural hair one.

finally got it! I'm not willing to open it (until now I still not yet use it) because it is expensive and only got 30ml fml
before buying it I was suffering a dilemma whether choosing Aquajuju or HadaLabo肌研
these two skin care products are berry nice and they are very popular in Japan.

MNG is having sale! who doesn't love discount?!
fall in love with leopard prints lately.
especially in Winter! animal prints is one of the key item.
*I keep trying MNG heels that day, almost all of the heels been tried by me. mom also no eyes see already, they are sooooo fab ok*

super xmas feels little towel, lucky drew from BBQ party.
love the color and the snowflake embroidery.

another gift which I lucky drew at the party.
guess what it is?
a Mini Massager!
It's very useful and cute!

2009 gonna end soon.
what is your new year resolutions?




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