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Sunday, January 03, 2010 @ 12:41 AM
2009 Bufday nineteen!
(Sorry la I am lazy to arrange all the pictures and lack of caption :(

at Midvalley Cosmo Bowl yay! STRIKE! *one time only zzz

Carrie the pro hahaha

Sora and I

(you will understand what Im talking about if you watch this video-詹瑞文 白痴化)
*search your own

make a wish make a wish

outside the restaurant before leaving



my face damn funny zzz

all are here !

Kinki & Pui Fong

Carrie & I


Not much can say, today is the boom! (mind me use present tense?lol)
thanks all of you really appreciate all your 'sam yi' !

the day before my bufday I got a message from Sora,
"wear nicely tml cos I got a surprise for you XD "

so I wore very nice (okok la) and went college as usual.
actually I din put very high expectation on what they will gonna do for me.
you know like suddenly sing me bufday song while half class or suddenly appear a cake for me or suddenly got a handsome muscular guy come in *bling eyes haha
but in the end dont have handsome muscular guy :( haha

after the class ended, we whole gang went to Ampang Korea town to have Korean BBQ!
yay! i wanted to try Korea BBQ very long time ago!

so we makan makan, talk cock (who doesn't like to talk cock lol)

"I am Bae-Yong-Jun (裴勇俊)" said Eng Kok.
wtf wtf

lol yes I know this picture quite fake.
To Carrie, I reduced your dark eye circles! haha

nom nom some dishes are berry spicy!
omg but it is very nommmmm

all busying makan makan

oh! this dish is berry nice! 炒年糕

pork and beef. *drooling

vain pic of Eng Kok #1

vain pic of Eng Kok #2

vain pic of Eng Kok #3

vain pic of Eng Kok #4

ok la no more vain pic of Eng Kok already.
what? people got fans club one you know.
don play play. Photobucket

after makan, Carrie says she want to go toilet, then I says I want too.
then Sora says she want also! so we 3 women go toilet together.
I am the first person went in the toilet, after I came out, Eng Kok standing in front the toilet and asked me to take picture with him wtf

after that (climax is coming) when I go out.... a cake was appeared on the table, and everyone was singing bufday song for me.

I was SO SO SO SO SO surprise i tell you!
I nvr thought they will take out the cake while I'm in toilet. Photobucket

there were few Korean families (but no Korea leng zai like Super Junior la)
their face were like so happy and surprise (surprise than me hahaha)

group pic #1 (Kee Hui , Pui Fong & Eng Kok were being our photographer.)

seriously this korean restaurant is quite nice lor.
Bufday got discount one leh! 15 %!
the boss is berry nice because that day wasn't my actual date of bufday.
but he gave us discount too! mwah you.

group pic #2 (wtf is Sora's facial expression? hahaha)
(still don have Kee Hui, Pui Fong & Eng Kok zzz)

after finish makan, we went to Midvalley for movie session,
but it seems like not a movie day because all movie tickets were selling fast and some was sold out.
so yeah changed our plan to bowling session!
one word: FUN /ENJOY. Photobucket

yerr i don have the pictures while we playing bowling.
after I got them I only update on here ok?

Prezzie from friends and family.

actually I dont get many prezzie (as you expect) this year (every year also very less one, but I think this year is the most la. boh bian, I no friends one...Photobucket)

Top left: Miss T Make Up Pouch by the boy classmates. Thank you! :D
Top right: Disneyland Marie Cookie by the cousin, Miki / Cookie haha
Bottom left: The fabulous Xmas tree by Sora & Carrie!
Bottom right: AquaJuju H100 by my super duper lovely mommy! mwah

and a bouquet of fake flowers with 4 Ferrero Rocher by a long-lost friend.*awwwww
thank you tooooo!!!
(forgot to take a picture of it & I already makan all the

mhmmm still got what ah? I think don hv already.
ya my boy doesn't give me any prezzie but he already my prezzie, foreverPhotobucket (wah want so geli meh *just ignore this paragraph lol)

haha I guess that's all of my Bufday 2009 la.

P/S love you all so muchie!

Bufday dinner with Boyf

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