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Friday, January 01, 2010 @ 10:21 PM
another year.
Hello! 010110!
hope this year is really a good year.
how did you spent your last day of 2009? :)
mine was awesome but awful lol
drink drank drunk omg
after got home from TimeSquare around 10pm, mom was suggested to drink some wine.
drank two glasses of Bombay Sapphire (distilled dry gin) already feeling dizzy!Photobucket
didn't actually countdown for the new year, 11.59pm I was in the toilet zzz
then suddenly heard the sounds of fireworks only realized: OH IT IS 2010 NOW!! FASTER GO SEE FIREWORKS!! (screaming in the toilet wtf) Photobucket

the last pic I took in 2009 !!

(sister says this picture is terrible. wtf which means blue hair doesn't suit me wtf)
sorry for posting the same picture again zzz
I got no new picture to edit! so keep editing old pictures Photobucket


here are some last year pictures wtf
went to The Mines with mommy and cousins.
guess what?! Alvin And The Chipmunks is in the town!Photobucket


still xmas decoration!lol

DO-RE-MI cousins Photobucket

sis and mom.(this is my youngest sis, see, she is so tall (at least taller than me) and she's only 13.)
Photobucket why am I so short?! unfair.

we like chipmunks' si fat (ass in Cantonese wtf)

ta-daa! they were dancing and performed a short drama.

yerrr I still not yet watch this movie lorr :O
got so many movies need to catch up!!
if not will feeling very outdated. lol

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