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Thursday, January 28, 2010 @ 9:13 PM
Looking for properties in Malaysia?
Yeap :) are you looking for a good apartment? Or a good housing for your families?
Here is the website can let you find a good properties in Malaysia!
Malaysia Property is a property resources website; it has more than 600 property articles and 10,000 high quality property photos so you can find your dream property easily!

The properties you can find in Malaysia Property, including Condominium, House, Office, Shop, Factory, even Land!

Personally I thought this website is really convenience for those people who are finding their dream housing because we can check out the price of the properties, there's also a Q&A section to solve your questions about properties.

Also, you can read the details of properties and of course included their price in their classifieds section. After I browsed through the Classifieds section, I found out that this website is actually provided luxury properties, such as some super glam housing etc. If you have a high budget / rich people / millionaire, this website is definitely convenience for you to find you dream house!

I think the most important for buyers is the photo of the properties. Some of us may very lazy to go to the location and check out the properties' environment, but in this website, its actually provided many pictures of the properties.

this is the print screen of the classified site.

Other than that, I don't know that the top property is Zehn Bukit Pantai, Bangsar. There is a list which showing the top properties in Malaysia, it'll make you more easy to find where is the best property for you.

After reading the details of housing, I found a glam housing!

The Ara, Bangsar.

The Ara also known as Bangsar Couture Homes, why it is so glam? Because its looks so Western feel! And it got private lift also omg so glam. Got big big swimming pool omg so glam. Got gymnasium omg so glam. Got sauna omg so glam.
Then there are several shopping malls' around this area, such as Midvalley Megamall, Bangsar Villages, Bangsar Shopping Centre etc.So I can shop whenever I like. haha

IF I am a millionaire, I sure will buy this house. lol
It is damn expensive for me fml

anyway, take a look on this website if you are finding some NICE properties! :D


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