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Thursday, February 18, 2010 @ 7:34 PM
3 Movies in a row.
Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!
Ang Pau please comes to mama! :D

Chinese New Year is getting bored and bored when I'm growing older.
I still remember I got a lot of things to do when I was a kid. eg. gambling, poker,fireworks lol
But now, haih.

The greatest thing during this year CNY is there's a new cinema which located at Desa Petaling.
So near my house can!!! even nearer than Midvalley!!
It's means when I got bored I can drive 5 mins to Desa Petaling and watch a movie!!

I watched 3 movies in 2 days. lol lol
see I tell you I very dek han (free) during CNY.


苏乞丐 True Legend
Rate: 6/10
their kung fu is amazed me.
I know right, got Jay Chou right.

But honestly lor, I dislike him in this movie.
totally annoyed me, duhhhh. (personal comment lah)


The Wolfman
Watched this movie with Yin Huei, the future fashion designer :D
Rate: 8.5/10
My heart was almost pop out while watching this movie lor :S:S
The main male actor is so 'Wolfman' even without special make up LOL LOL

七十二家租客 72 Tenants of Prosperity
(sorry I couldnt find a proper poster for this movie zzz )
must watch this movie! especially in this special festival CNY!!!
mad funny loh!
Rate: 9.5/10


if you want to figure out what's the exact meaning of these 3 dialogues,
other than watching this movie, you also can check out This

Wishing you a blissful New Year ! ^^

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