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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 @ 9:33 PM
Dong Chan Ci Temple.
When Da Nian Chu 3, family and I went Dong Chan Ci Temple (东禅寺) bai bai.
Nothing special just walked around there and took some pictures.
wanted to post them all but I've got like 80+ pictures. omg
how to post them all you tell me.
so I just chosen 20 pictures to post up.
I just cincai choose la cause every picture I took also nice one lol lol
I didn't put water mark so don't steal my picture ah! remember credit me ok.
if not I will curse you *curse curse curse


This day wasn't really many people,
the sun was so fucking hot, I keep sweating like a pig who walking around and take picture.
just imagine it.




Guan Yin.


Artistic or not? haha





I love to take plants pic!









Dad & Mom ♥





Mom and sis.



why gt fun fair one?


There's became much bigger since they had renovation.


Lian Hua.


ok final pic. I love this pic. ♥

come share with me how you spent time when CNY? ^^

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