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Wednesday, February 03, 2010 @ 4:57 PM
Romantic Cutter.
the post title is irrelevant with this post, but Pei Ling you should know what is it. right right?lol lol

some randomness pictures,


Homemade PIZZA! baked by boyf and I :D
its looks not so inviting but its tastes really good!!
the ingredients of this pizza are quite interesting, the pastry was baked by eggs plus rice! but not normal pastry that baked by flour.
then got crab stick, onions, tomatoes and CHEESE! ;) yum yum yum


Pinky's sleepy face lol


Hero's thinking face wtf :P


cut my hair few days ago,
my bangs became very sohai FML x1000000

and 2 inches hair's gone. fml again x1000000
I temped to cut my hair is because I wanted to have a new hairstyle, my hair was too long, seriously TOOOOOO long.
cannot cover my boobies with my long hair liao :S

will dye my hair into an elegant burgundy, can't wait ;)


Dinner with the Boyf

yesterday Boyf and I went to Midvalley, walked around searching for new wallet for him, as a V gift :)

then we makan at Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant at The Gardens :D

while waiting for our food.

Oolong tea lol

The food is so yummyyyy.
there's always crowed with people, sometimes even need to take numbers and wait!

Taiwan burger! a bit spicy :S

*nom nom*

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