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Sunday, March 21, 2010 @ 8:14 PM
curse you.
ok tittle got a little bit .. erm fierce.
HAHA cause I couldn't think of a better tittle XD

I always wondering why is my bag so heavy.
like its REALLY quite heavy lol
so today I took out all the things that inside my bag, and check out what's really inside.


my current fav bag.
its super comfort until everyone likes to hug it! :D


ok let's see yaaaaa


hmmmmmm got bottle, wallet, shades, some sweets, pouch and some flyers.
(my camera is inside too) Camera is always the thing which make your bag heavier. no? at least for me it is zzz


This is the Naraya pouch which bought by Carrie when she went to Bangkok ^___^


I keep my mirror, pins, ribbon head band, vicks and keys inside :)
no wonders my bag's so heavy!
but I think a lot of girls' bags are more heavy than mine,
because most of them got keep their make up thiggy inside their bag right?
Japanese girls even keep a huge desk mirror in their bags!!!
LOL how could they carry their bags and walk? :S

share with me what's the weird thing you like to keep in your bag? :D


Long time never update about my nail art!!! :D


soooo yesterday I was so free, I tidied up my nail art tools.
this is the box which I used to keep all my nail art tools.


A lot huh? I threw so much nail colors which cannot be use anymore!
what a waste :( I dont know you guys same with me or not, I like to buy diff diff kind of nail color from diff diff brand altho I already got THAT PARTICULAR color.


anyways, this was the pattern I inspired to :D
so bloody cute right? got so many ♥♥♥


nah result.
not really that inspired anyway -_____-
but still.. got a lot of ♥♥♥ ^___^
It was so fucking hard to draw the fucking ♥♥♥ by using your left hand.
so my left hand's ♥♥♥ are so fucking ugly. haih
that's why I always post up my right hand's. haih





CUTE OR NOT?!!?!?!?!?!
I found it on tumblr!!!
can somebody tells me what is the cost if I ask manicurist do it for me?!?!
sure fucking expensive wan zzz
better do it myself lah...
but sure no so much ribbons lor :( we'll see!!! :D

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