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Thursday, March 18, 2010 @ 6:37 PM
Hanky Panky.
I really dont know how to start this post.
erm....:/ someday, one of my classmate suggested that why not set a dress code for tomolo?
so the dress code for today was Checkered shirt.



Outfit of the day :) Pink checkered shirt is the love!:D
I quite like this kind of look, so casual. donchu think so? HEHEHEH


Eye make of the day :P
I put a purple bottom eye liner :)


mad love natural falsies ♥♥

its like half of the classmates were wearing checkered shirt.
so match! hahah

but not two of them. T_T
my BFF ♥♥♥ Carrie and Sora♥♥♥


Nicky. lol


Nicky and Sora♥


The class mates! (some of them) others were sitting behind and not bothering us T___T hahaha


The little monster. HAHAHA
cute or not?! AHAHHAHA ok stop laughing.


ok la final pic is vain pic of myself.
so far I quite enjoy my college life (altho need to suffer for the exam) but still, I have learn so many things, met so many diff friends.
I probably will continue my studies to advance diploma, means I have to suffer for more 2 years!!!
FML max. well, I want NEED a better future. >___<


before I end this post, I wanna recommend a ♥ facial mask for you all :D
This is a Japan brand, got 5 types: Peach, Rice, Red Wine, Bird Nest and Sakura (!!!)
I never heard before got sakura mask one leh.
I really wanted to give it a try.
I've used the Peach one which is deep hydrating.
what can I say is: IT IS SO BLOODY HYDRATE.The mask is super wet when you taking it out from the package, like you are applying water on your face. (serious!)
After 30mins, you gently massage your face and let your face absorbs the liquid of the mask.
Its doesn't like other masks which is very sticky and make you not comfortable. (Y)
I personally ♥ this mask so much :)

so that's all for today ♥

P.S rushing assignments! >_____< assignment kills!

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