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Tuesday, March 09, 2010 @ 7:48 PM
#nowplaying - OH! | Girl's Generation

Last week was the most hectic week in my life.
well, I have been hang out yam cha every night last week.
so fucking tired can!?!
oh well, watched The Book Of Eli and All's Well End's Well ( is it? whatever la)
and I sang k twice in a week! wtf I sang until want vomit already! HAHAAHA

anywaysss, since I have nothing to blog about, I just cincai took some pictures and con you all to read my blog. LOL


The miniature camera hp hanger which gave by sister.
so cute ley got light one when people call you or what.
wtf like never seen before is it. wtf wtf
people Nikon its Nikom HAHHAHA


Seriously the first sight I saw this I never think it is a shower gel.
I thought it was something like sauce or what.
Cola flavor one leh! hahaha I likey.
lol given by Carrie! she brought it from Hatyai. :)


ok random.


so free til capture plants picture! lol


there's a lot of plants in my balcony! all belong to mom's!


my cute rabbit!!! Xiao Hoen. (haih!)


I ♥ this picture.
I never edit one leh.


CHU! ♥


Pinky likes to kacau Xiao Hoen one lo.



See! She always likes to kacau him!
(actually I'm not sure whether if Xiao Hoen is a he or she. But I found out he gt jiao jiao one, so he is a he la)


Sayang ♥♥


Final pic! CHU! ♥♥♥♥

P.S. my best friend finally went to JB, I miss you weih T____T

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