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Thursday, April 22, 2010 @ 4:49 PM
Cotton on plus Misty blue.
Cotton On now is officially launched in Midvalley :)
no need go so far already.

btw, got 2 pairs of flats from Cotton On, Pavilion.
Marine!!! mad love :D

2 for only MYR 69 :)

last 2 weeks I ordered a pair of new contact lens,
EOS Max Series Misty Blue.

Its been ages since I have blue eyes.

The diameter of the lens aren't big as the previous lens, Geo Wonder Eyes series.
this is only 14.5 mm as the Geo one is 14.8.

but I quite like the result on my eyes.

its quite comfortable while wearing :)

I can has blue eyes nao :D

I bought my contact lens from Charleneshop.

anyway, I'm in holiday nao!!!!
date me date me!

exam was officially ended! woooooo mad happy!
so much happenings lately, yam cha session with the boys, movies with the gangs, bitching with the girls, gimme more :D

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