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Friday, April 02, 2010 @ 4:40 PM
Happy *Burp* Day!
I got quite a lot of friends bufday fall on March, so Happy Belated Birthday to all of you! :D
March is officially ended. How was your April Fool?
Mine was normal and didn't kena prank *phewwww*
Btw I watched a horror movie April Fool's Day (2008) on April Fool. lol quite scaryyyyyyy :S:S:S

Miki and Anthony's 2010 Bufday Celebration

Big Lips tank from FBlock.
always love the hearts print tight to the max.

Kipling black leather shoe.
My mom has 3 of it with different colors.

Actually I was trying to be ROCK.
but fail i think? I was lack of ROCK style accessories :(

give you a kiss.
HAHAHHAH. ok stop laughing.

after classes ended, we headed to TimeSquare Neway karaoke.
Sang our lungs out!!!
but not really syiok lor because we only sang 2 hours.
2 hours where enough for us :(
however, we super enjoyed the day :D

The bufday girl and boy :)
with the cupcakes!!!

Happy Bufday!


Carrie :D

3 of us in a very blur pic.

Pui Fong :)


The guys.

cupcakes again.
*nom nom*

again with cupcake.

Sora :D

Group pic!
spot me :P

with the Bufday girl and ermmm Kee Hui.


Non-no May Issue

Nozomi! One of my fav model! :D
she was also Pinky's model.
really like her style, so sweet and cute.

Mad love this outfit! and her hair style too! :D

You can download here:

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Awe I love those tights! They're always sold out when I go to buy them XDv.

I had forgotten about that scary movie!!

By Anonymous Jenny, at April 2, 2010 at 10:21 PM  

Awesome blog!

I think you pulled off the rock look really well. You look really cute with those patterned tights and your long, dark hair.

By Anonymous Charlotte, at April 5, 2010 at 2:43 AM  

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