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Friday, May 21, 2010 @ 11:14 PM
New life
is begin.

Yeap I'M GRADUATE, like finally after two freaking years studied in this freaking college.

by the way, I'm decided to continue my advanced diploma. still, I need to continue to study in this freaking college. OH WELL.

Its might be more tough and harder compared to diploma. *stress face*

anyway, Life need to be enjoyed :) no matter how hard is it, you still need to go through it. so yea, I'm prepared for all the challenges in future ;)

T______________T I'm wondering when we can hang out with the whole bunch like this, again.
awwwwwwww cannot tahan already. wanna cry jor.
must keep in touch all babes!!
and, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES :'( I have a very great time with ya all in past two years :'(

by the way,

This is Yin Huei, my best friend forever. seriously :)
I've been know her since we were form 1. Its been 7 freaking years we friend each other HAHAH
7 years!!! waooooooo. do we look alike? Teachers in high school usually confused about me and her. muahahaha

time flies so fast.

All the best to y'all in future!

P/S To my BFFs (you know who you are*winks*), when is our next outing!? call me!!

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