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Sunday, May 23, 2010 @ 9:20 PM
Penang Trip-Food!
Yeap, the last part of my Penang trip - FOOD!

I lazy to caption too much, so just let the pictures do talking! :D

So Nicky brought me to this cha sat to have breakfast after we reach Butterworth on the first day :)
these two drinks are actually the same, the front one was not mixes yet, I forgot it's name already! >_<>
come Penang must try Chao Kuey Teow! got lap cheong one!
I must admit that the price of food in Penang are SUPER DUPER CHEAPPP.
like really really cheap lol
around MYR 2.50 for this Chao Kuey Teow. O_O

Nicky brought me to another cha sat to makan cheap food on the next day.

Kuey Teow Tang. it's like normal KL's soup mee but their taste is slightly different with each other. I don't know how to describe lol

Nicky enjoying his yummy Kuey Teow Tang :P

after that, Nicky went to wash his car.
awww :P

Blueberry Cheesecake and Choco Indulgence. Delicioussss
ok obviously this is not cheap food lol

more cheap food is coming,
this place is called Ban Long San.
their seafood is very delicious! most important is, they are CHEAP!

my first time tried on carrot juice! not that bad I expected LOL

Ban Long San.

the dishes we ordered- lai liu ha

chao dai ban. 炒大板
this one is super delicious. no joke. and the sizes of the dishes are not small.
very full after that!
total MYR26 plus the drinks if I'm nt mistaken!

We went to Pulau Pinang search for more cheap and nice food on the third day!
First destination was looking for Cendol/ice kacang!
apparently this ice kacang was eaten by Phua Chu Kang before!
must try!
'Hello *big smile* '

Seafood Popiah



ICE KACANGGGGG walao I wanna eat them naoooo T__T

HAHAHAHHAH fake facial expression! poser!

waaaa so old school

it is located at Jalan Pinang :)

after that, we went this foodcourt / dai pai dong that beside Gurney Plaza to have dinner.


Asam laksa round 2 LOL

we still got ordered bobochacha and curry mee or ha mee I forgot already!
forgot to take pic we were too hungry!


I tempted to go this themed cafe after I read their reviews on Internet.
the ambiance of this cafe is okok only.
no Japanese nurses of cos. aiks damn disappointed lol

Xiao Qi :) Boyf's lil sis.

ermmmmm I forgot what is this.
some milkshake i think.

we ordered some side food.
Hot dog.

Peach milkshake and chicken wings.

chicken choppp

strawberry milkshake.

Their food are quite pricey, tastes are so-so only.
:/ quite disappointed actually.
you can google it if you wanna know the location.

ok moves along to the last day of the trip.

Nicky brought me to KEDAH to have nice dim sums before I went back to KL!!!!
The best leong sui I've ever taste.

siu mai.

ha gaoooooo. *drooling*

ha gao with chilis inside.

Egg tarts :)

Last but not least,

xiao long baooooos!!! omfg this xlbs is super deliciousssss

ok end. lol

no more cheap food.

P/S where can I find roti babi in KL? I'm still craving for it. lol

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