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Monday, May 10, 2010 @ 6:46 PM
Penang Trip - Shopping
Penang got alot of shopping malls, like really A LOT.
There are few shopping malls in Butterworth, such as Sunway Mall, Auto City, Aeon shopping complex etc.
and there are MORE complex in Pulau Pinang like Queensbay, Gurney Plaza, Timesquare, Komtar etc etc.

Although there are a lot of shopping malls but NOTHING TO SHOP ONE. mad disappointed :(

went to Sunway Mall on the first day I reached Penang to watch IP Man 2 :D
thumbs up for Ip Man2.

we almost went all the famous shopping mall within 3 days including Pulau Pinang.
LOL what can I say is, my shopping speed was so damn fast wtf
I can sapu one shopping mall within 2 hours. WTF

Nicky brought me to Pulau Pinang on the third day.

in the car. camwhore :D

Nicky so serious on driving lol

NEHHHHHH hahahahahha

the sky was so beautiful.
see the clouds!!! damn nice!!!

Hello Penang! :D
was crossing the Penang Bridge!!

our first destination was Queensbay Mall, which located just beside the sea!
wtf so damn nice!

we reached! :D

I was so happy when I know there are Top shop, Forever 21, and Mango!!
but wtf is I couldn't get any nice clothes from there :(
tried on some pieces in Forever 21.
chio but pricey fml

I think I'm addicted on jumpsuit.
MYR109 kill me.

ahhhh MARINE ♥ MYR79

Nicky said I'm kinda look like nurse in this dress wtf
MYR 109.

ahhh Nicky likes this.
But I look quite fat in this top. zzzzzzzzz
MYR79 (if not mistaken)

So I got nothing from Queensbay. WTF

After that, we headed to Komtar to have some nice food and walked around Pacific Mall.

The Komtar tower LOL
Komtar is kinda like Kota Raya.
95% similar with Kota Raya wtf

I think Gurney Plaza is the most nicer place to shop because there are a lot of branded shops.
but how come I get nothing from there also?! hmph.

I just bought 3 pairs of fake lashes in the whole trip LOL!!!


we took ferry went back to Butterworth on that night,
awwww love ferry !!! it feels so comfort when the wind blow on your face :D

The night view from ferry. ♥♥♥♥♥

shopping post done WTF
so what you guys wanna read next?
Food or paddy fields? ^______________^

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