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Wednesday, June 09, 2010 @ 6:28 PM
the coolest boyfriend on earth.
and I'm the hottest girlfriend on earth. LOL!
just kidding just kidding.

It's our one month anniversary yoo!
ban leng leng to college and everyone was like 'where both of you go later?' hahaha
even one of our lecturer asked me 'Ltr go pak toh a?' LOL
got so obvious mehhhh? *shy*

my hair growing longer and longer.
terlampau long jor. need to cut it soon :/

after classes, boyf and I don't know where should we go! :(
finally decided to go Timesquare and we stuck in the traffic jam for almost 2 hours!
what the hell >:(

my leng zai boyf hahaha

everyone hates traffic jam! we almost fall asleep in the car zz
what to do?

camwhore to kill the boredom! hahaha

reached Timesquare around 7 something.
makan time! Sushi King ;)
I tell you, this ice cream is so super extremely delicious!
mad love it!

Green tea ice cream daifuku with red bean paste!

after that we hung around and baby suddenly noticed this,

what? noticed nothing?
my silly boyfriend done a silly thing.

he took this pic,
the coolest in TOWN.

and this, the coolest drink on EARTH.
aren't they having big contrast?
and obviously they are competitors hahaha
quite silly right? lol

bought movie ticket for 'Happy Go Lucky' a Singapore movie.
not bad! quite hilarious :P
we laughed our lungs out in the hall hahaha

while waiting for the movie time, we chilled at Old Town :)

Polaroid! captured at the Sushi King :D

This guy likes to curi my cam to self camwhore.


my turn. LOL

we had so much fun there! we laughed so loudly until everyone there was looking at us like we're weirdo or aliens wtf

My silly boyf done another silly thing, again.

HHAHAHA! hamdan chiu yen!

My na-yeng boyf LMAO!
so sissy la him! hahaha

I just love to being with you :)
he always make me laugh like a soh poh all the time!!!
hate you! HAHA :P

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