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Wednesday, June 16, 2010 @ 5:55 PM
Hoi Tong Steamboat Buffet
Had a small gathering with my girls, Lai Mei, Yin Huei and Pei Ling on last week :)
loooooong time never gathers like this!
I still remembered my secondary school mates usually called four of us '4 in love'. LOL
we got group name one! dont pray pray.

I was the driver for the day.

Yin Huei came over my house then we headed to take picture for our license before going to Lai Mei's house :)
after that, we went to Tmn Permaisuri JPJ to renew license.
goodbye P 'pai'!

harhar. I dono why my picture would ended up ugly no matter how much make-up I put.
well, mayb I'm real ugly lo. haih

*after so many years, still got people ask whether or not me and Yin Huei are sisters! :D
Huahuahua! xD *

For your info, the payment of renew license each year is MYR30, I renew 5 years, means MYR150 gone T___T *money flying away*

after got our licenses done, we went to fetch our princess Pasta Ling (Pei Ling) haha
chilled awhile at Mcd Sri Petaling Carrefour because the time was still early :)

reached Hoi Tong Steamboat Restaurant around 7 o'clock.
Hoi Tong is located at Bukit Serdang. It is a steamboat buffet, which mean after you pay, you can eat as many as you want until you die at there also no people would stops you. lol

It kinda like Telephone steamboat restaurant (located at Kuchai Lama),
but I must say the food choices here are more various and fresher than Telephone.
and Hoi Tong is cheaper too.

makan makan! I tell you, the scallops here is so damn nice!
and the crabs!

Usually the restaurant will fully pack with people around 8pm,
so if you don wanted to wait for table, must go early! like us lol

happy happy liao! cos got fooooood! LOL

we had so much talks, and we really laugh our lungs out.
like we were drunk or what :D
all the people there were so enjoy their food, everybody there were talking so loudly! laugh more loudly! hahaha

Yin Huei was being the photographer of the day.
every picture also doesn't have her one lol

*I don care about taking picture, I just care about my foooood.*


the yellow yellow thing which looks like butter is butter. lol

Pasta Ling :)

I don't know how to tell you guys how to get there :(
use Google Map!

Hoi Tong Restaurant

1 pax for children MYR 12
1 pax for adult MYR24

Phone Number:03-89436580/019-2582509

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