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Sunday, June 13, 2010 @ 5:34 PM
My water moment
I love beach, ocean. so relaxinggggg :)
especially beach activities, BANANA BOAT is the blast!

I always wanted to take pictures when I was playing Banana boat,
I mean, why I can't snap pictures when I'm 'flying' on the sea?
confirm very syok right?
unfortunately, my camera doesn't know how to 'swim' duuhhhh

was sitting on the boat to snap my friends when they were playing banana boat.

I wanna play too! but I wanna be photographer on that day :(
what would be the feeling of taking pictures while sitting on the superb banana boat?

What if I got a Sony TX5? :)

The World's slimmest water proof camera!
sounds cool huh?

means I can bring it to the undersea cos it does knows how to 'swim'! :D
besides that, I can snaps many nice pictures as I want although I'm on banana boat!
because Sony TX5 does has shock proof, temperature proof as well as dust proof!

I can jump down and capture photo instead of sitting on the boat!!

also, I can has nice picture no matter how shakes the banana boat does!

cool right?
for more info about Sony Tx5, goes to : Sony TX5





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