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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 @ 6:17 PM
not a random Thursday night.
always wanted to go a bar for so long :)
especially Sky Bar and Lunar Bar.
gathered Sora and Carrie to rock our night :D

I miss them so badly :(

ban leng leng at Sora's house.

we headed to Sky Bar around 9 something.
we reached Trader Hotel but we dont dare to go in =___=
too high class oredi!! D:

so we changed our location to Thai Bar harhar
if you ask me what's the diff btw Bar and Club,
ermmm I would tell you that Bar is more 'peaceful' wtf
I mean, the songs they play is still hot, and the singer there is very hot too.
just there are a lot of uncle and aunty dancing instead of youngsters.
most important is, there not pack at all lol
but still, I enjoyed so much that night :)

erm I dono what this drink called, like what flame what martell what?
I didn't drink any alcohol that night :(
okay I drank, but little. I was driver of the day! I drank green tea instead of Martell! LOL

my two missy :D
spot Carrie's Chanel sticker tattoo! so damn nice weih!

bakchilizaation again? ahhahaha

awwww my leng lui :)

hello! Brasil go go go! lol

Sora's colleagues ^^
they're so friendly and funny :D


we saw a lot of 'scandalous' scenes. LOL
old uncle was hugging a leng lui and dancing dancing there.
kissing kissing and I think they almoz wanted to make up there oredi :/


act cute! all like to act cute one! hahahaha

home sweet home around 2 in the morning.
surprisingly I was able to wake up the next day and made my own breakfaz LOL
really was a surprise for me.

it felt so good to hang out with my ji muis.
I miss you! *hug hug*

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