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Sunday, June 27, 2010 @ 11:24 PM
Random Stuffs
I'm kinda like my current hair length now,
I can has new hair style! :D
I cut almoz 20cm plus of my hair *cries*
My looooooong hair oredi gone T___T

by the way, there are many hair tutorials for this hair length often appeared in Scawaii and Jelly.
Me likey! am going to learn new skills for styling my hair! :D

Currently I'm wearing this contact lens,
I'm no longer wearing Geo lens :(
I scared liao.

this lens is cheaper, MYR38 per pair only.

It can bolded and makes your eyes bigger yo :)
my eyes freaking need bigger lens.
You can get them at Desa Petaling Spark optical shop.

and this is my previous FreshKon.
the effect after wearing them are slightly the same,
not much obvious differences.

I'm so into fake eyelashes now.
I dont know, I had bought so much falsies.

#1 My sister gave me this pair of falsies.

#2 Guess how much $$ each of them? MYR 1.00!!! bought them at Sri Petaling night market.
MAD CHEAP OR WHAT?! I'm gonna get more of them next week! and you know what?! those 10 pairs in one box selling at MYR 3 only!!! *cheap until faint*

#4 Etude House is having sales yo! their falsies is mad cute! ( erm, their packaging la I mean lol )
Normal price is MYR16.80 after 40% would be around MYR 9?

Last but not least,

*picture stolen from Angelababy's blog*

P/S I want cheong k T_____T stress kao kao on assignments T_______T

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