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Sunday, July 18, 2010 @ 8:10 PM
awesome week.
Best friend was came back from Johor Bahru last week :D super happy!
*he went back to Johor oredi T____T*
For your information, Veeloon is one of my best boy's friend :)
last week was so happening. shopping, movies, karaoke, yam cha, pasar malam :D

Timesquare with Veeloon! currently he's working at Johor :(

camwhored :P

watched Despicable Me! awesome and cute movie!!

eating in BBQ Plaza.
This guy is my ex-boyfriend when I was 16. *ahem*
but we're best best best friend nao :)
he knows me so well, we have so much topics to talk, but we are just friend huahuahua
I'm so glad that he came back to KL just to visit me! hahaha

anyone interest on him? he is single and available! *evil smile*
and and, he is so damn tall, 184cm? whoah...
it is damn hard to talk to him cos I'm just 158cm wtf
my neck will very pain ah...hahaha

He is really a good guy. you'll be very very happy if you're his girlfriend. no bluff!
*keep hard selling him hahaha*

Take care in Johor dude. I'll miss you so much. ;)

Second movie watched in this week was Inception.
superb movie! thanks Nuffnang for the Preview Screening tickets! :D
of cos must thank my sister for giving me the ticket :P

Inception is so great *thumb up*
Leonardo is still hot! I remember last film I watched Shutter Island is awesome too!
Inception basically is talking about these characters have the power to go into your dream when you're sleeping and they can steal the info or secret through your mind.
this film need you to keep thinking about the plot if not you'll confuse about the storyline.

see, I told you he is hot. hahahah

another hot guy in this film is Cillian Murphy who portrayed Mr. Fischer in Inception.

I almoz cry at the scene when his dad is dying and hs dad actually not disappointing on him :(

Arthur is hot too.
His real name is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

why so many hot guy in this film? hahahah

Third movie that I watched in last week!
Predators !
not a bad movie :) quite scary and disgust LOL

what's the next movie? :D
date me date me!

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