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Monday, July 05, 2010 @ 5:21 PM
Be Happy Sora♥
Coz you know that we all ♥ you so much :)
Happy bufday girl!

Yeap, celebrated Sora's 20th Bufday at Full House, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

#1 Group picture fst hehehhhh

We headed to KL after our class ended at 4pm.

In the car, that's Bei Bei (Bibby in Cantonese LOL) :D
was waiting our Princess Carrie coming down from her condo.

Was jam in the road almost 1 hour wtf I hate going KL in this hour.
at last we realized that there's actually another way to go to Jln Yap Kwan Seng which can avoid the long jam. FOL
Sorry to Sora that let you waited for us almost 1hour plus T___T
so paiseh!!

so freaking hungry!
ordered food :D

3 leng luis *ahem* (I'm not lah, but they are :D)

wah see my smile so natural. can see my teeth or not? lol

The bufday girl :D



I still remembered I ordered this when my first time in Full House.
*nostalgia lol*

Baby's chicken chop :)


We keep talking and laughing so damn loud until everyone there was like looking at us and thought what the fuck they laughing at. LOL
We were actually laughing at one of the customer in the restaurant.
so sui right ?
because we are 八婆兵团 LOL!!!
I'm not one of them ok!? HHAHAH
after we laugh and laugh until can't breathe (lol) finally the cake appeared!

Cappocino cake & Carrie the photobomb

Carrie the photobomb again!

She was 'fighting' with my boyfriend hahahah

Finally the photobomb 'lei mai'



'I wanna kill whoever doesn't attend for my bufday celebration' LOL JK :P

Boyfriend :D

we headed up to up stair and camwhored :P

His girlfriend, my boyfriend, and our dear friend :D

I tagged Bibby this picture in FB ! huahuahuahau





Seriously my boyfriend likes to do something that always out of your expectation. lol
(Hope he doesn't read this)


Both of us wore maxi dress! :D
mine was bought from OXOX, Timesquare.

:) ♥

It was really a great night, we all are crazy people!

P/S there's more pictures oredi uploaded to FB :)
P/S2 Apparently, I'm so lazy to update*lousy blogger*

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