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Monday, July 12, 2010 @ 4:43 PM
Boobs = everything?
Girls, if you have a pair of not-so-big boobs (eg. A or B cup), how do you feel?
would you feel like you're very no confidence or you will jealous on big boobs women?
Honestly I wouldn't have this kind of feeling :/

Have you seen the pictures of the girl who shows her half boobs in her FB? nehh the most recent one. lol I'm not gonna mention her name cos this quite offended. hmmmmmm

I really can't figure out the reason of posting this kind of so called 'seductive' pictures in FB.
its like showing your boobs to everyone.
yea you have a 'NICE' and 'HUGE' boobs, SO WHAT?
it doesn't mean you have to show it to everybody right?

and she got alot of comments like 'come have sex with me', 'do you wanna have sex?' etc etc
wtf if you really wanna have sex, just ask your boyf to have sex with you or you can go find male prostitutes.
or maybe she want to become the trendy topic among people,
apparently her profile has been remove since got people reported it.
oh well, after watching your pictures I'm gonna wash my eyes O_O
if she is a leng lui then i can accept la..but she's not! aiks

girls, please appreciate your body that given by your parents, it no points to show your sexy body part to those people who even doesnt know you.
I think girls shall create some awareness on their personal safety?
Nowadays a lot of girls like to wear sexy sexy until their boobs gonna fall out or what lol
Oh please, no body wanted to look your boobs, dont you feel uncomfortable while a lot of hamsap guys staring at your BOOBS? (well, I guess they're proud of it)
you're like giving some hidden msg like 'come rape me' to those hamsap guys.
you may say that many ang moh oso wear like this ma,
correct but REMEMBER we're living in MALAYSIA. rape cases are happen in EVERYWHERE.

ok la, later I kena shoot because of this article.
this is just my personal comment lor. if you dont like it, then I can't help lor.
I'm just curious about why women nowadays like to post up this kind of picture. o_O hmmm

kthxbai :)




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