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Tuesday, July 06, 2010 @ 2:51 PM
Fav hairdo! ♥
Recently I love to style my hair so much since I cut my hair short :P
keep looking at the mag and learn from their tutorials on how to style hair with accessories.
Scawaii July issue is ♥ !
got so many hairdo for you to learn! :D

#1 Enlarge!

Scarf is the hottest hair accessories NAO!

ta-daaa! transforms it to a ribbon head band on your head ♥

#2 see the giant ribbon!

#3 More and more hairdo! ♥
wa the model's hair is freaking straight and long O.O
I really felt so amaze on Japanese's hairdo. They're so creative and patience to style their hair.
I always learning at home but always failed at the end -_____-
*hands very tired one you know T___T*

#4 You can actually get these hair accessories (bunny ear head band) from Bonita. I'm gonna get them!

The bad thing for learning hair tutorial from Japan mag is I DONO HOW TO READ JAPANESE T___T fml
seriously I dont wtf they talking about their steps.
I just can agak agak learn from the pictures. fml max

Sometimes I was wondering, does their hair really that much fluffy and thick?
Honestly you're hardly style your hair if you got less hair volume.

long long time ago picture, my hair was so damn long right? right? right?

Why they so cute one even with different hair style T___T
admires much.

I'm gonna buy a cap to match my casual looks!

ok last one.

must giak giak learn them so I can has different hairstyles everyday ♥

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