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Thursday, July 29, 2010 @ 6:04 PM
Great outings wif friends.
I'm finally free from shitty assignment :) say YAY! but bad news would be final exam is around the corner. WTF FINAL T______T sure stress kao kao this time haih
I'm kinda free this week plus salary was out! wheeeeee ♥
means can SHOPPING liao! ♥
It felt so great when your flends date you for a movie or outing T____T
I'm kinda an anti social if no one dates me because I seldom date my flends (sad to be my flends huh? lol)

anyways, dating with Sora and Carrie after classes and watched 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' (I hate this movie name cos I can't remember how to spell it wtf)
it is an awesome movie by the way :) The main character is so NERD. and his voice is kinda like a cartoon lol
How great if I'm a wizard or magician or a psychic wtf T_____T

S.B.C stands for? Sora, Bibu and Carrie! :D
in the cinama before the movie started.

Carrie was sick :( take care yo babe ♥

after the movie, we headed to Ampang then we had our favourite Korean BBQ as our dinner :D

여보세요~ (Hello in korean)

당신은 여자 친구 있으세요?
(Do you have girlfriend?)

*I'm not sure about these because I'm using Google Translate lol*

more camwhore pictures haha

Carrie was kacau-ing a Korean little girl behind. HAHA so cute!


our dishes :)
I ordered Bi Bim Bab (石锅拌饭)

yummehhh ♥

These two so poh can really make you laugh like a mad person. I kept laughing non-stop when talking to them! LOL
I love you guys :)

An another outing with high school best friend - Yin Huei & Hooi Shi - on yesterday ♥

I was almoz late for class but still want take pictures. lol

POCKY! all time favourite snack ♥

rush to college and had 1 and half hour class then rush back home wtf
wasted my petrol >____<
waited for Yin Huei then pick Hooi Shi up, off to Pavilion! :P

we reached there kinda late, around 3pm. 3 of us not even eat anything yet from morning till afternoon :(
had our lunch at Wong Kok Restaurant.

This lady's hair is mad long nao. and I almoz 7 months never seen her.
finally had a chance to go out with her! :D

Shopping time!!!♥
There's not really has many sales in Pavilion :( cheat one!

First stop - FOREVER 21

Tried on some pieces, all no discount :( sad.

bought this by the way! :D

I found sooooooo many jumpsuits! my first sight on this jumpsuit was very nice but after put in on me I felt like erkkkk not really that nice :(

*money flew away*

hang around whole Pavilion, Zara, MNG, Top Shop, Roxy etc etc O_O
Roxy's hot pants are really pretty :) I love their short jeans.
Zara is having crazy sales! wtf I wanted to buy a cropped tee it's already out of my budget :(
I forever can't find a very very nice piece in Top Shop. I also don't know the reason.

exhausted! was chilling in MOF :) had my favourite Matcha ice cream! ♥

Yin Huei's Sesame and Hooi Shi's mango ♥

my new addiction ♥ Matcha ^____^

Ministry of FOOD!

our future fashion designer :P

the time was still early, since we have nothing to buy in Pavilion, we decided moved our ass to Kuchai Lama boutiques. huahuahua continue shopping!

actually Kuchai Lama boutiques are selling many nice and cheap clothes.

at Aurora Boutiques :)
found this vintage tee but it is not really nice on me :(

Stripes again! LOL it actually one piece together with the black cropped shirt.
bought this! HEHEHE ♥
I don't care summer is nearly over or whatsoever :)
for Malaysian, 4 seasons would be spring, summer, summer and summer. LOL LOL

waiting for my next salary! wtf cannot spend so much already!
need to save money for my Taiwan/Hong Kong trip! >____<

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