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Thursday, July 08, 2010 @ 3:27 PM
Kitty ♥ Jumpsuit
Well, Germany lost in yesterday match -_____-
am kinda disappointed because I'm actually supporting them.
Paul, the famous psychic octopus has proved it's unbelievable magic skill once again!
did it really that magical? o__O or just it's luck? lol
so Paul, can you help me predicts about who is my future husband?
I'll give you two pictures; Messi and Kaka. choose now. ok wtf


was trying to pretend I'm a nerd.
I'm pretty stress and lotsa pressure on me recently due to the shitty assignments.
there are 2 more assignments to be completed,
one is about media stereotypes, this assignment is much more fun, I just keep watching Youtube only LOL
another one is about doing research about blogging.
ok this may sounds fun too but it actually not fun AT ALL.
I hate doing research. :(

Found this in Timesquare ♥
Hello Kitty headset :D
super cute right?

My recent ♥ ! Denim jumpsuit! bought it from Somerset Bay!
I was kinda surprise that Somerset Bay is selling denim jumpsuit,
because as I know their style are always like very old school and flowery. lol

Jumpsuit is just so nice and erm... convenient (?)
lol I mean it very easy to play mix and match with jumpsuit.
but the bad thing about jumpsuit would be a problem when you want to go toilet.
you need to like pull down the top of the cloth to bottom lol

more and more jumpsuits that I spotted in mag ♥

I'm actually found this almost-same-pattern jumpsuit at Forever21 when I was in Penang.

Not exactly the same piece but it is Marine too! ♥

floral jumpsuits are in everywhere O_O

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