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Thursday, July 22, 2010 @ 9:21 PM
New Tattoo ♥
Look at my new header ♥
nice or not?! :D
I got my new tattoooooo ♥♥♥♥
It is real one! LOL JK it just temporary tattoo haha

I was so obsessed for Chanel Tattoo so long since I saw it in some magazine and Carrie has them too! :D
finally I found it at Minimaos!

(Look at my hairy hand :/ )
ytd I just noticed that Minimaos has new version for it :(
got more designs T________T

seriously it is so precious for me nao, not willing to use them!
as you know I'm a big Chanel fans. erm not very big actually, just I'm quite fancy on Chanel, erm ok.

Carrie's Chanel Tattoo ♥
Next time we use it together k? :D

It is so nice when you stick them on your thigh!

and neck :D


She's pretty huh? 21 years old only. envy lo..

Ha! I'm 20!
I'm pretty also! LOL Just kidding just kidding.

trying to act cool and sexy but fail.


honestly I was thinking to have a tattoo on my wrist before.
but I afraid of pain T___T
and I scared that I'll regret on someday in future.

so just better to have temporary tattoo only. lol

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