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Sunday, July 25, 2010 @ 7:28 PM
Precious moments.
I'm officially a diploma holder nao :)
time passes so damn fast, I realized that I oways saying this but it is so true.
I'm 20, and I felt like I've done nothing in the past. what the hell?
anyway, today was the Diploma Convocation for Mass Communication student :)

woke up in the morning, dolled up and headed to Petaling Street with mother to get some flowers.

I LOVE FLOWERS! so many flowers there!
roses, lily, sunflowers and many more!
super excited!
after that, rushed to college before their convocation ended.

So happy to see the classmates there!
camwhore time :D

One person one flower heh :P
with Casshire :D

the mates :D
congratz to ya all!

Eng Kok and I :)

Kee Hui :)
he looks more taller with the hat.

Bryceee! I miss you nao :(

Water Melon :P

Pui Fong & Denice ^__^

Denice :)

Bryceeee again, he's now working at Singapore :(

Soraaaaa baby :D

after convocation, we moved to TimeSquare had lunch together :)
BBQ Plazaaaaaa!


认识你们是我在TARC最开心的事 :)

Leng lui Carrie heheh :P

decided to go Bon Odori which held at Shah Alam with Carrie and Bryce, of cos brought my lil sis as well :)
thought it would be fun but in fact it's not :(
Federal highway was so jammed :( my eyes almoz close on the way going Shah Alam :(
reached there, crazy super packed with people.
so hard to find a parking lot! wtf

see the crowd?
got so fun meh? even need to Q so long just to buy an ice kacang! wtf

We were so starving :(

Nick, Jason and Pui Fong joined us around 9pm.

head back to KL around 11pm. we were so tired :(
but we still went Pandan Jaya yam cha lol
had delicious snowflake at IceRoom. :)
I total ate 3 different bowls of ice kacang in that few hours wtf

when we can gather again? I miss you all.
advance diploma is so sucks.

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