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Thursday, July 15, 2010 @ 4:42 PM
Shopping can make you
... max happy.
but shopping can make you officially BROKE too. lol

shopping with mummy is the best thing of the world :D
went to One Utama last Saturday with mummy and sister.
sister wanted to go for the Puffy Lab event which held at Central Point :)
*Puffy Lab is a shop that selling nice Tee by designers check them out*

Denim erm is it called jacket? ok whatever. from Teetoo :D
bought it like few months ago? finally has a chance to wear it.

I dyed my hair only 3 weeks but it oredi has black roots T_____T

it was my second or third time been 1U. no bluff lol
everywhere is having SALES! *big eyes*
eye-ing on so many clothes! especially F21! omg omg omg

goodies that I got! *money flew away T___T*

1. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner. finally they restock them! I search it at every Sasa outlet that I can even I couldnt get it while in Penang! got so hot selling meh? lol
2. Eye Putti falsies glue. I've been using this brand of falsies glue since I'm started to use falsies :)
3. Maybelline 3 In 1 Impact Shadow Liner. this eye liner is so smooth and handy! *recommendation*

and and I think I really fall in love using headband.
Polka Dot headband from Promod :D

Zara's clothes forever so nais one. and forever pricey :(
Striped Cropped Top only sell at MYR29.90.
you might ask: WHY ZARA TOP SO CHEAP ONE?
*ahem* because... IT IS ZARA KIDS TOP. LOL
surprisingly I can fit it on huahuahuahua

cropped top is the HOTTEST KEY ITEM NAO!
I heart cropped top so much! :D
it can matches with many clothes lo.

*walao I noticed that recently I bought so many striped stuffs lol*
FOREVER 21 is AWESOME. really really AWESOME.
some of their clothes is really pricey but some of them actually worth on the price!
Next year I would be turn into 21 years old T___T
so I need to buy many Forever21 stuffs as I can so that I can maintain 21 forever LOL

Vintage or not?! I wanna buy this kind of shoe long long time ago!
found a pair 80% same with this design at Zara but you know what is the price?!
MYR 249.90 *freak me out and faint*

I only bought this at MYR25 lor. lol

apparently my wardrobe is having no place for me to store my clothes T____T
I got 2 wardrobe nao. wtf I used to have one only.
women forever not enough clothes.

P/S my diploma convocation will be held on this Saturday ^^ DMS classmates, you all want flowers or not? I go buy for you ^^

P/S 2 which brand you prefer the most? Zara, MnG or TopShop? or Jaspal?


Totally agree with the first 2 lines.. in saving $ mode.. but i guess it wont lasts for too long.. LOL..

By Blogger Casley, at July 17, 2010 at 6:29 PM  

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