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Sunday, July 11, 2010 @ 3:48 PM
Talentime Night'10
My college had an event on last week, Talentime Night.
This event is held on every year which let the freshies to show their talents *I think so* to everybody.
I've studied 2 and a half year in TARC but I'm never been this event before LOL
The theme for this year was 'Old School', I was totally have no idea about what I shud wear.
so I just wore a simple white dress :)

ok vain pic come first.




please ignore the Gong xi fa cai thing behind. thx


reach college around 5pm, met Jason and Jennifer :)

The sweet couple ♥

Jenn and I ♥

we are like celebrities or what. haha


Got in to the hall, I was so freaking hungry ! :(


Luckily Jason went out and bought some bread for me, if not I really hungry die :(

The show is started :)
I was kinda impressed for the stage design, quite glam LOL

opening ceremony? lol

This male dancer was brought the climax for us lol
he is so sexay!




After that, the competition was officially started.
There were 5 categories; group singing, solo singing, dancing, instrumental and Emcee.

One of the performers, Hanley.

The best part of the show!
Instrumental performances!

another group of instrumental.

overall the show was not bad :)

OO Night (another event) will be held on tonight! no chance to attend it due to some reasons :(
anyway, World Cup final tonight! Spain or Holland?! :D

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