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Wednesday, August 25, 2010 @ 7:12 PM
First Paper.
I hope I didn't screw up my first paper.

today weather is damn killing, freaking HOT. I felt that the sun was like just beside me wtf
(I was wearing long sleeve Tee and boyfriend jeans fml so hot I can melted)

anyway, today's paper was not that difficult as I'm expected I just hope I can pass. yea my target is very low I usually don't aim for an A like other students do, I just aim for a PASS. tsk tsk I don't need flying colors results I just need to get a PASS wtf

this week was the second week I've been using the Garnier Perfect Fit & Relax Whitening Mask :) It stated that from the first application, skins looks fairer. After 4 weeks, dark spots are visibly lightened and skin looks rested. For the first time I used it, my face does look fairer! (I don't know if it just my mentally thought or what lol)

you shall give it a try :) I think Guardian is having their promotion now. ;)

my new circle lens finally arrived! \:D/
will do a short review of it next time! ;D

P/S am reading some Japanese gals blogs. their way of blogging are interesting!




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