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Monday, August 16, 2010 @ 11:53 PM
Life should be like this.
Life should have no pains, no false, no anger. lol wrong statement again I guess wtf

I need to update something before my final start! if not I confirm no time to update anymore :( and you guys will choose to not read my blog anymore :( *cries*
anyway, joined highschool mates for Korean Cuisine laz weekend :D

Top from Zara! (my all time favourite )

My first time to curl my bangs :P you can't really see in these pictures >____<
maybe this one?

can you see the difference?! tell me you can if not I would be very sad -______-
I DID CURL MY BANGS WTF but it might nt really long-lasting because I didn't apply any spray. ok enuff.

if you wanna have some Korean dishes you must go Korean Village which located at Ampang. Well, I guess all of you should know about this *ahem*
I really love Korean cuisine although I cannot tahan spicy T__________T
I like their Korean BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!
But this time we didn't order any BBQ *sad* BUT! their other dishes are delicious too! :D

*some shots taken by Terk Sheng's owsome DSLR lol*

that's my sister Xiao Tong and Yin Huei :P

Eng Chuan, Yin Huei's Boyfriend

Spicy max!

ah! this is omfg delicious, it tastes like Lemon Chicken lol
we had owsome talks, owsome laugh :P and met 2 little cute kids! they're sooooooo cute! keep playing around our table :P

Polaroid rocks!

The highschool mates - Yin Huei, Eng Chuan, Wei Guan, Wei Yeen and Terk Sheng.

I'm so happy end excited whenever my aunt come back to Malaysia all the way from Hong Kong because she'll bring some owsome things!

My favourite CHANEL.
I have no idea why I love Chanel so much rather than other brands, maybe the name Chanel is too glam? CHAAAAAAAANEL lol wtf *ignores me*

perhaps I love their products very much such as their make up products, parfumes, skin care pruducts, clothes, bags etc etc.
but I never can afford their clothes until I become a billionaire. C'mon my God, can you hear me?! T___T

Chanel N5 phone hanger! but I guess for normal person would not knows what does this number 5 means when they saw this and they may thought this is just a normal cheap-blak phone hanger T____T IT IS FROM CHANEL OK! lol

I wanna go HK!!!!!! BRING ME GO PLS!!!!

P/S I haven't watch Coco Chanel movie yet!!! FML

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