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Thursday, August 05, 2010 @ 6:27 PM
Rocky? Pocky?
HA! Simonso leave me a question in my chatbox which he asking about what is the difference between Rocky and Pocky.
I'm not actually know about the real answer but one of my flend shared about this knowledge with me laz week.

Do you know what is Rocky and what is Pocky or not? -_____-

Rocky strawberry flavor and Pocky Banana flavor!

why we would have this Rocky and Pocky? hmmmmm
Pocky do have strawberry flavor too! why it does has Rocky at the same time?

Imma tell you the answer now! :P

According to Monica (one of my classmates), Rocky and Pocky are actually produce by a same company which is Glico. They came out with a new brand of biscuit sticks because 'Pocky' it sounds like 'PORK' and it quite not suitable for our country (all of you sure know about the reason). So Glico came out with the new name 'Rocky' instead of 'Pocky'.

now you know the reason oredi right? but we still can get 'Pocky' in any supermarket right? hmmmmm

anyway, I'm not sure about whether if this information is accurate. Don't blame me if this is wrong :P heheheh




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