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Thursday, August 26, 2010 @ 3:26 PM
sicky sickness.
Woke up quite late today I think almoz afternoon? felt so dizzy after got up. *headache* revision abit for tomolo exam. Do you guys know what is Dependency Theory? Uncle Google not really answer my question :(
anyway, am actually clipping my nails :P *clips clips!* I'm trying to shape my nails into small square. like this ;)

photo credits to JayJayne ;D

cute right? I like the I heart NY and the leopard prints! ya know Autumn is around the corner, leopard prints is a must to get on your outfits! I'm searching a nice leopard prints fur bag! :D

I'm going to paint my nails into leopard prints after the exam! *whooooops*

Have you join Tumblr? Go visits mine! Little Bibu Tumblr I'm usually reblog some Japanese stuffs like their models, coordinates etc ! :D

Oh ya, I thought I'm recovered from sickness but actually not :( flu and coughing are the killers. I hate medicine/pills/capsules. urgh!

P/S I'm trying to update my blog daily so yea it might be craps sometimes. lol lol

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