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Monday, August 23, 2010 @ 7:00 PM
Used Jelly.
Hola! I'm feeling much better oredi after took few times of medicines. I hate pills! anyway, I've changed my blog link from to ! Thank Exabytes for the free domain name!

I'm gambateh-ing for my coming exam (which on Wednesday, wish me luck). I'm really really really gan zheong/scare/blur/takut/stress/nervous of it :( I'm scare that I can't do well even I put so much efforts on it. I feel so damn stress when all the people surrounding you has put much much more efforts on the exam than me. I hate this kind of feeling.

anyway! I downloaded Jelly for me to kill my boredom while reading all shitty notes! :D here are some of my favourite!

(I'm kinda blur nw, brain isn't function perfectly fml)

why there's no ecxam about fashion magazine? like asking some questions such as the models' names, the most recent fashion key items, magazines' name etc etc.
I think I can score well in these kind of questions lol

Mickey's vintage tee! always wanted to get them but it is so hard to get them in Malaysia :(
It been a long time I never stepped in MCKY lol

Long stripes dress! Found one similar with this in Sg Wang @ MYR 39! cheap!

coordinates :)

I like the number 11 :D
her legs are so damn long! *jeles*

Maichi :)

Some street snaps.


scarf scarf :D

Actually what is the meaning of "USED 小物"? is it something like secondhand thiggy?

Budget wear :)

all are under ¥10000 (¥100 equals to around MYR3.7, tats mean ¥10000 equals to MYR370?)


The exact time for now is 11.57pm. I shall head to bed ! (Study mode OFF)

Good night peeps!

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