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Friday, August 27, 2010 @ 2:02 PM
Hellow! ☼ how is your day? :) mine was perfectly good. I'm wearing my newest circle lens! :D

It is from I-Fairy, I was so dilemma about choosing the colors among Blue and Brown. Finally I decided chosen brown. I always thought that brown is the best color to match with my hair LOL
the diameter of I-Fairy Jewels Brown is 16.2mm, it is quite big actually. sometimes I afraid of my eyes will look weird if the lens are too huge. O_O like Alien haha
anyway, the lens are quite comfortable for the first time wearing, but still I shud control myself not to wear longer than 8hours! >___<

today coordinates ♥
♥Check shirt from PDI and pale green top dress from Kitschen♥

today has an early paper which started on 9 in the morning! so freaking early can?!
luckily the paper wasn't that hard! *wiping sweat*

after I reach home at 11 something, mummy brought me to the warehouse sales at Sri Petaling Hotel. *screaaaaaaams because it is sales!*
they having Guardian clearance stocks sale and other brands sales like Camel Active etc.

Cheat one MAC falsies LOL
but the qualities are not bad! MYR 7 per pair. although it is kinda expensive *mehhh*
(I just got 10 pairs new falsies last week and the price for 10 pairs is only RM20 wtfux)

Nails Colors!
Left to right: Fire, Pink Cobalt and Whisper. lol MYR 4 each

That aunty keep convincing me buying this and I bought it wtfux
EUBOS cream MYR 9
it actually a cream that can apply on scars and make it disappear WTFUX how to say 淡化 in English? Dislute? FML

Sunplay is only MYR15 !!!!! mad cheap can!? normal price I think is MYR39.90?????
and the little cute yong mehmeh (sheep) pouch MYR8! I'm going to keep my keys inside! :D

Oh! I also got myself a white lace corset! *whooooops* MYR 5 ONLY! wtfux but only left one size lah! too big and too small cannot wear (I'm not freaking sure whether if I can fit it in zZz)

P/S I won a pair of passes to Cats & Dogs Premiere Screening! who shud I ajak? hehehehehehhh

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