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Saturday, August 28, 2010 @ 10:59 PM
window shopping.
It's SATURDAY! say yay!
Coughing is really killing me :( i cough non stop at the midnight :( no good no good.
anyway! went shopping today with mommy at Midvalley ♥

dolled up! Pink bandana ♥ while my sister was having a red bandana on her head at the same time too! :D
I'm wearing the cheat one MAC fake eye lashes :) it is very comfortable unlike the others which are having the thick roots. my eyes couldn't really wear the fake eyelashes which has thick root because of my eyes shapes ;/ soft roots are just so perfect ;D

I need a haircut! my bangs is so long :(
do you think that my hair color is nice in this condition?
I'm thinking to dye my hair into marshmallow brown. but I felt that now the color is not bad lol
what's your opinion? :)

headed to Midvalley, there was so many people! as usual, walked around, MNG has a lot of new stuffs! season changed! their new season clothes are so nice ♥
full of khaki, military and leopard! ;D

LV is going to open in The Gardens. lol lol

tried Haagen-dazs's Green Tea ice cream. not bad!

spotted on so many things! Charles and Keith's heels, NineWest's leopard handbag, Camel Active's shoes, Zara's leopard cardigan etc etc! I'm not affordable to buy all these things :( too expensive!

ended up grabbed nothing, just window shopping. lol

The polaroid ♥

off to revision now! Exam will be on Monday. wish me luck yo.
last 2 papers! gambateh!

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