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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 @ 9:08 PM
Digi iPhone 4 Me

As the picture mentioned above, I FREAKING WANT A DIGI IPHONE 4.
Everyone's has an iPhone on their hands no matter it is iPhone3 or 3gs. Even my 17 years old sister has one too!! I am so jealous whenever she's playing her precious iPhone :(

If I got an iPhone 4, I can tweet or update my facebook status whenever and where ever I am. I can play all the stupid (yea some of them are real stupid yet fun LOL) iPhone games when I bored especially waiting for my meal at outside. Serious!! Evrytime when I'm waiting for my food at restaurant or hawker stalls, I will be very very very boring cos duno what to do. Just stone at there looking at the table and blank dreaming fml .

I heard that Digi iPhone plan is cheaper than others! why not get an iPhone 4 from Digi right? :) Honestly tell you guys, I can show off to my friends after I got an iPhone 4. HAHAHAHAH Just kidding. Anyway, again, I WANT A FREAKING DIGI IPHONE4 LOL


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