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Wednesday, September 08, 2010 @ 5:04 PM
I'm not riding SOLO :D
finally there's an outdoor activities in my holiday! :D
Not shopping, no air-con but beautiful lake view and fresh air!!!
Sora ajak me for cycling with her flends at Taman Pertanian Shah Alam :)
I'm glad that I knew a new bunch of flends! heheeeee

When Sora was calling me asked me go cycling with her, I was actually watching Piranha. WTF
Let's talks a lil bit about this movie. lol It is real disgusting. I was not watching 3D btw.
If you're a blood liker or fancy on disgusting scenes or sexy beach girl but died in disgusting way, well Piranha is an awesome movie for you. HAHAHAHAH

okay back to the cycling.
Woke up damn early at 6 in the morning, changed and headed to Carrie's house then waited for Sora and her flends :)

We were lost in Subang wtf
GPS is really a bitch. Stupid bitch LOL
After 1 hour plus, we're finally here. Taman Pertanian Malaysia :D
all of us were so excited!!!!
Entrance fee is MYR3 and bicycle renting fee is MYR3 then MYR1 will be charged per hour.

Awesome lake view ;)

I was wearing my Brazil jersey which was the brightest tee among them wtf

Carrie and her sista! :D 2 pretty women. ehhehehe

Sora and her bike hahahaha

so called Animal Garden wtf
sista was telling me that there will be a mini zoo in the taman but I can't even see an animal,
oh I got see alot of monkeys but not other cute animals like rabbits or deers wtf

Heello wellow!

The deer body is going to broke *inside joke* hahah

Jolin's recent famous pose! LOL

There's a kandang rusa (Deer farm) and rabbit farm and so called Taman Perikanan (Aquarium), cheat one wtf there's even don't have any animals inside -.-
The so called aquarium doesn't has water too WTF kosong one.

Piranha's lake. wtf

*click to enlarge the pictures below!*


the weather was so freaking hot, all of us were so freaking tired.
cycling is really very tiring.

while resting. :)

some "artistic" shots LOL

One Malaysia? hahaha
after rested a while, we decided to go have lunch.

before going back must take picture gao gao hahaha
some group pic :)

We back to Subang had Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh. Their Bak Kut Teh is quite tasty :)
home sweet home around 4pm mad tired!!!

That's all for the day :D
hope can has more outdoor activities like this! errrr like beach? haha

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