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Saturday, September 04, 2010 @ 2:13 PM
Liese Bubble Hair Dye!
After 3 months, all the black roots growing out! Must re-dye my hair as soon as possible.
So! I chosen this new Japan hair dye product :D
Liese Bubble Hair Color! *whooooops*
I chosen Marshmallow Brown. Was so freaking dilemma choosing the color! I think I really have the symptom of 选择恐惧症. -_____-

here's my previous hair color.
woah I tell you when I saw this picture my eyes opened so big!
and my jaw dropped LOL

under the sunlight my hair was like so freaking orange/reddish.
normal indoor light :)

I was so panicked while applying the bubble hair dye >_____<
because I don't know how to make it more bubble and I scared the hair dye couldn't goes into my hair roots.

ta-daaaa! like I'm washing my hair LOL

The advantage about this product I think is they are very convenient for you to apply, because it just like you're washing your hair.
But the disadvantage is the color is not enough strong if you are having black hair. Some of my hair roots are still black T_____T but overall the color is quite nice :D Hopefully it does long lasting :( my hair is very damaged oredi after so many times of hair dying :(

If you wanna see my hair result, stay tuned for the next post :P HAHAHAHA wtf so mystery meh LOL

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