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Saturday, September 04, 2010 @ 10:54 PM
Yesterday night was a blast, really enjoyed very much with the boys and girls. This time we went to Quattro, Avenue K. I never been there before, I like their music :D but if there's a dance floor will be great! We went all crazy while it was playing 'Baby' by Justin Bieber, everybody was shouting BABY BABY OHHHH! hahahaha

Went to pick Hon Kit up at Yu Yang's crib before heading to Sora's. We're late for the promotion :( Suppose should reach Avenue K before 10.30pm but at last we reach there around 11pm.

But it's okay! we still had a lot of fun :D wait for the guys coming from MARS I think, so freaking slow! Yu Yang was lost some more LOL

;) The girls!

so this is my current hair color. Me and Carrie has similar hair color! :P

urgh i don't know why my hand keep shaking when taking picture! too excited? LOL

Sora! :D the hyperactive one :P

Carrie! forever leng lui X)

my gorgeous girls :D

Hon Kit :)
You're too thin, don't keep fit and please eat more LOL
anyone interested on him? he's available by the way. HAHAH he's a good guy! except that he's a smoker *blehhhh*

The best way to take nice picture - cover your face with anything hahahahah

luckily yesterday was not packed with people. At least we still can move, shake and drop LOL
Just kidding I mean at least we still can walk and breathe.

See Hon Kit's face so fast became red bull oredi.

Friend's friends joined us LOL

Hon Kit's blur face must be "loved". hahahaha

Jason and Hon Kit :)

I remember I had took some pictures with Yu Yang -_____- When I check back my camera, all the pictures gone wtf how dare that fella deleted the pictures?! hmph!

Everybody goes crazyyyyyyyyyy

;D Hon Kit again. lol

Chee Hao. Unexpectedly he didn't drink! wtfux

drunker drunker xD

Guess who is this!?!

stupid Hon Kit took stupid pictures HAHAHAH

Sora murderer wannabe hahahah

Hong Sheng & Jason.

Well, while everyone was very happy and enjoying the music suddenly something was happened. Guess what? Yu Yang was drunk and vomited all around the floor. HAHAHAHAH he was sitting beside me! I was terrified by him -.- how come this fella so fast drunk, vomit somemore. *xia shui* hahahhaaaaa Luckily I wasn't drunk just felt a bit dizzy LOL

overnight at Sora's crib after that. :) Great night!

*This club can't even handle me right now .. ehh ehh ehh lol*

I wanna watch Step Up 3 T___T

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