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Saturday, September 11, 2010 @ 2:17 PM
Titus; Time is Love.
I was thinking which love stories I can share with you all. (Too much love stories happened in my life lol)
I got 5 relationships in my past, I started my first relationship when I was fifteen. People say first love supposed should be the most unforgettable but for me it is not the most unforgettable one.
My second and forth relationship were the same guy. Let's call him Mr.Lau :P hahaa We knew each other when we were fifteen, right? We are friend for 5 years oredi! Time flies too fast!

Anyway, our love relationship only last for 2 or 3 months I think. We were very good friend even though we broke up. We were too young for true love :)

We don't even understand what is love at the age of fifteen I guess? haha After 2 years later, we got back together. This time our love last for 3 years, pretty long time I guess? Many things happened during these few years.

People changed, People grown, People come and go easily.

Mr. Lau knows me very well, our relationship oredi up level to family I think? lol no exaggerating! He's like my big brother nao! People's mind will changed when their age grown!! LOL

He's one of the important people in my life, he taught me a lot of things, he gave me the feeling of true love, he gave me a lot of precious memories :)

Don't misunderstand k, he's not my guy anymore. I treat him just like my family! :D I 'm happy because there's only family relationship can last forever :) right?

Appreciate the time when you together with your love one. You can has no regrets after that :)

Wanna share your love stories or you have something want to say to your love one?
You can join the Titus "Share and Win" contest by just share your love stories, you may win a Solvil ET Titus watch :)

There's another part in this website too. That's "Share the Love, Share the Video " :)
It allows you to send an e-card to the people that you want :)

Compose your own message.

Add some own drawings :D haha that's flower and 2 butterflies and some loves LOL
I don't know why I'll drew these. I just drew it based on my current feelings :P

Click the send button! and done :D

I'm thinking to join the "Share and Win" contest but I have no idea what to share :/

WEBSITE: Time Is Love




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