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Friday, November 05, 2010 @ 2:10 PM
Halloween at Quattro
An update for the Halloween 2010 with all my bros.
Wanted to join a Halloween costume party but seems like Malaysia doesn't has the trend of celebrating Halloween? LOL

I thought there will be a lot of people drezup themselves and pretending they were vampires, sexy nurses, ghosts etc etc. But no !! :(

Autumn = fur.

After dolled up, went to Kuchai Lama Seoul Garden for Korean BBQ!!

Arrived Quattro around 10.30pm? lol forgotten.
Pictures time!!

Brother #1 Hon Kit LOL

Brother # 2 Yu Yang wtf he just keep playing his iPhone -.-

Brother # 3 Ken Ee !!

Brother # 4 Andy muaahahaha

and brother # 5 Chee Hao
wtf I got so much brothers -.-

seriously I'm a guy in their eyes!! fml fml fml

I met an angel!! LOL

drink drank drunk. The end LOL

I skipped the funny funny part of the night because I duno how to say at here.
My brain temporary blank wtf

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