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Monday, January 17, 2011 @ 9:20 PM
you wanna hate, have a nice time.
Life is still miserable for me altho I'm in holiday now.
Family problem is making my life sucks. I just hope I can escape from family argues and nagging.

anyway :) I've been neglected my blog for a long time -.- don't have the blogging mood recently.
Shopping for CNY is mad fun, I guess my wardrobe is gonna ka-boom in someday soon.
Women forever not enough clothes right? lol

Sista's new camera is damn awesome. I need a new camera too :(

So my semester break is officially on :) date me I really don wanna waste my 3 weeks precious holiday T-T after that I'm going to start my internship. I DON WANNA WORK CAN OR NOT wtf

I wanna go Penang, Malacca, as long as I don want stay at this super chaotic KL !! :'(

My skin became so terrible because of the exam stress and lack of sleeping time.
bought quite lot skin product to rescue my skin. wtf I want back my baby skin :(

lol hmm actually I also dont know what's I'm blogging about now -.-
just wanna updates you guys that I'm still alive wtf
Oh, for your information, I'm quiting from drinking, and I guess I made it.
The last day I drink was 30 December 2010.
:) no I'm not an alcoholic -.- I quit drinking just want to make my mom happy wtf

I need a hair cut before CNY, and a new hair color!!

Zara's leopard cardigan :) (that's my sista's new cam!)

can't wait to hit the beach this weekend !!! :D

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