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Sunday, May 01, 2011 @ 6:03 PM
Adam loves shopping.
yea Adam loves to shop! I think so.. ahem.
anyway, I'm here to blog ! \:D/ like finally I got SOMETHING to blog about -_-

received a last minute call from Nicky Lai saying that he got 2 Maroon 5 concert tickets for me, OF COZ I WOULDN'T SAY NOOOOOO!! Die also must go ah!
was rushed to Stadium Bukit Jalil with the boyfriend, luckily we didn't missed a lot of their concert!
nuff said.

didn't bring my camera, was too rush -_-

I'm so happy that we can make it to their concert,
Thank you Nicky for the free tickets!

This was the first time watching a concert with the boyfriend. :)

the boyfriend noticed that Adam has a pose he always do when he singing high pitch.
he called it 'catching moon'
I don't know how to describe, just imagine you are catching the moon, in fast motion. lol

forgot to take out my pink silicon cover when taking a picture,
this will be the effect -_-

say hi to Maroon 5 :D
It was a great show, everybody singing along when they singing 'She Will Be Loved'
Adam has a sexy awesome voice ♥




I realized that I've been quite a long time never posted about shopping.
like what I've bought recently and what are the cool stuffs I got,
did a lil shopping with mother at Ikano/The Curve.

SANA Hadanomy Collagen Mist

Got this from Sasa,
it can moisture your skin so well, and ya know collagen is the thing that ALL of the girls needs.

Fast-absorbing moisturizing mist. Skin feels plump and firm. Luxurious 1000mg micro-collagen combined. Collagen jelly is sprayed into soft mist for quick absorption in skin.

Actually I wanna get their Limited edition Heart Shaped bottle, their prices are the same but this one is only 90ml and that one is 250ml.
so why nt get the 250 ml? LOL

It is really cute. :D

these are the things I got from Sasa and most of them are from Daiso.

KISS ME Smooth Cover Powder

read a good review of it on a magazine,
it can cover your pores well and control your skin not to become oily. I NEED IT. I tried it ytd and the result was pretty good. ;)

KISS ME had release a new MASCARA !!

Fake lashes and eyelash glue from Daiso :)

Winmax eye brows pencil and liquid eyeliner in brown color.

The liquid eyeliner is water resistant and oil resistant.
Seriously I think you can wear it to swim -_-

2 new favourite Tees from FOS !!

got some new accessories as well.

Owl long necklace, owl ring and ribbon ring.
I lost the owl ring T_T sad max cos it is really cute :(
tempted to get more accessories to style up the whole look.

Shopping really can makes a people feels good lol

By the way, slept at 6.30 in the morning today.
so tiring. I can die -_-


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