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Wednesday, May 04, 2011 @ 11:24 AM
Bad Wednesday.

I don't know why I felt so bad today -_- quite suay since I woke up.
Purposely woke up at 7.45am for makeup but my left eye is swollen -_-
goddamn it, have to wear nerdy spec to work.
After that, when I preparing to go work, once stepped out from my house door,
dropped my water bottle, meanwhile, dropped my ifon too -.-
Luckily the distance between the floor wasn't high, else I will kill myself immediately.
the suay-est thing came, I thought to wear a different shoe today, when I walking to lift, I only noticed that my shoe was broke -_- whatthehell?
damn suay right? D:

Tuesday's outfit,
light denim shirt - Cotton On
White Tank - F21

Today's outfit,
Mickey comic T - FOS
I really love this T, the Minnie is yelling at Mickey, 'Either you give up on your wild idea, or you give up on me!' ;P

Well, internship is going to end very soon, 2 days more.
I will definitely miss here :)
working life isn't that bad actually, just I hate waking up at 8 -_-

Farewell dinner tonight with the colleagues! :D




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