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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 @ 11:04 PM
Don't wait.

I was missing in action about few days I guess?
Blogger was down when I wanted to update my blog last few days so I'd lost the motivation to blog. zz
anyway, I'm so gonna (finally) will move my ass to college tomorrow! and apparently, I got morning class which is 8am class. WOW freaking morning class.
I hate the most.

well, these few days were kinda hectic for me because of the online hotel booking for my Bali trip.
I don't own a credit card, and my Paypal account doesn't work out, YET.
I really hope I can book a hotel for me and my friends as I promised them I will settle this by my own. haih

by the way, I can't wait to enjoy this trip :)
as you all know I wanted to get an ink so badly,
I went to tattoo shop and asked for the price of getting an Chinese word, it needs around 200 bucks. gosh, it totally out of my budget :(
I couldnt afford it :( :( Gah ..
Guess I have to postpone this wishlist to another day when I got the extra money.

Well, that's all for today :)
gonna sleep early tonight and get a well rest !
Gonna post about Aquajuju product range in the next post!! ;) stay tuned!

good night :D

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